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Fight and survive against the relentless undead army


As in any post-apocalyptic story, in 7 Days to Die you will be surrounded by zombies in a ruined city in which you will, literally, fight for your survival. Designed and developed by The Fun Pimps through a kickstarter campaign, this title is a sandbox combining a whole free open-world with crafting options and First-Person Shooter gameplay. Fight against a horde of dangerous undead that will try to eat you the moment they see you.

7 Days to Die has been designed to be the ultimate survival horror game for Mac OSX and Windows platforms. Create your customizable character and begin your adventure by yourself or in the cooperative multiplayer mode. You will be able to stick together with your friends to organize the resistance against the zombie menace in different ways, but be aware that they will come to you in high numbers, so be ready to fight them back or at least survive in a well-built fortress.

7 Days to Die has been designed to be the ultimate survival horror game for Mac OSX and Windows platforms

Technically speaking the game is voxel-based; a graphic technique used for giving volume to the world. The overall design is correct, but some movements feel just feel strange and not very real. Further patches available for download through the main client are expected to solve these issues as well as some optimization problems and in addition integrate more technical improvements.

Will you really fight against all of these?
Will you really fight against all of these?

Survival is the key

Trying to get rid of the zombie horde that follows you will be too risky if you are not properly prepared. You will have several ways to protect yourself such as creating a spike pit surrounding your house or crafting new weapons. The variety of the available weaponry is high enough to suit your gameplay style, with melée and fire weapons such as baseball bats, chainsaws, shotguns and even rocket launchers.

In order to strengthen the survival aspect, you will need to gather food and water for surviving. It is important to check the state of the food you get by its purity level to get not sick. You can farm animals and plant corn in order to get the food by yourself without having to depend on the random items you find. Exploration is basic for the game, so it is necessary to get knowledge about the whole map before establishing a secure point.

7 Days to Die features some RPG elements like experience and ability trees. Improving your crafting skills will let you create new weapons and utilities with better quality and endurance. There are different ways to customize your character’s growth available, growing on things like gadgets, chemistry and melée fights. Additionally it features tactical options to hide in stealth from enemies and divert them in order to avoid being spotted.

Customize your abilities
Customize your abilities

7 Days to Die Full Version Features

Check out the main features of this title before getting the download:

  • Survive in a post-apocalyptic world fighting for resources and food in an aggressive environment
  • Protect yourself against the hordes of zombies building a safe fortification with the elements you collect from the places you explore
  • Create over 160 different items such as weapons or tools by crafting different materials
  • Online multiplayer mode for fighting together with your partners and survive for another day
  • Day and night cycle included which will change the behavior of the creatures that roam the place
  • Further content will be added through its download system with new features and items

For more interesting information about this title, be free to check the official website through this link.

Claim safe places for you
Claim safe places for you

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for running this survival horror title:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3 or Mac OSX 10.6
  • CPU: Dual Core processor at 2.4 GHz or faster
  • Video Card: Radeon HD4770 or Nvidia 8800GTX for Windows, Radeon HD6770M or Nvidia 9800M GTS for Mac OSX
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Size: 1 GB free space



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